Creating Irresistible Offers That Your Prospects and Customers Will Jump At!

2-minute overview video
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What do I get with the Godfather Offer “Super Session?”

You get to “rent my brain” for up to an hour!

After I receive your completed Godfather Offer Intake Survey we will strategize for up to an hour via Zoom about crafting your offer. I will deliver honest answers based on my 25+ years of in-the-trenches marketing and branding experience, with nothing held back and nothing left out! Clients say these sessions are worth thousands! No promises, but you might get a million-dollar idea as a few others have.

You get my exclusive “I pay you if you’re not happy” guarantee. No other marketing adviser in the world offers this! (See the FAQ below for details.)

If you decide to hire me to help you craft your Godfather Offer within two business days of our Zoom Super Session, I will apply the cost of your Super Session ($500) to my fee so you will get my fast-mover price of just $2499. Otherwise, the price is $2999.

“I pay *you* if you’re not happy” guarantee

How my exclusive “I pay you if you’re not happy” guarantee works:

  • Immediately after your order is approved, you will get an email with a link to download my Godfather Offer Intake Survey. This is a fill-in-the-blanks, check-the-boxes fillable PDF. I need your completed Survey to deliver the highest possible value to you during your Super Session. Once I receive your completed Survey I will email you a link to my real-time calendar where you will book your Zoom session. Simply complete the booking form with the required information and open Zoom at the appointed time using the link provided.
  • If you’ve seen my testimonials, you know that other people just like you have received much more than their money’s worth from talking with me. Some got a million-dollar idea. Some got focused – perhaps for the first time. All got advice that, if implemented, will make more money, or save time, effort or expense.
  • If, after Zooming with me for up to an hour, you don’t feel you got at least one low-cost, no-cost, actionable strategy that you can implement immediately to create your Godfather Offer, I will give you a full refund, plus, I will pay you for an hour of your time at your hourly rate, whatever that is.
  • It’s BETTER than risk-free. You can’t lose. You can only win. (That’s why I call it a “Godfather Offer” – so powerful that only a foolish or unqualified person won’t accept it.)