Congratulations on making a smart decision to book a UVPO Power Session with high-ticket offer strategist, Nick Nichols!

What to expect: (80 seconds)

What to Expect

First, Nick will ask you some questions about your business, such as who your ideal prospects are, the big problem they have that you solve, what you’re doing now to attract and engage them, and so forth.

During this conversation, feel free to ask Nick any business-related questions. He has a lot of experience across many industries, and can probably give you some insight on your issues and concerns.

People are usually surprised by Nick’s spontaneous expertise. Occasionally, Nick will suggest a million-dollar idea! No promises, but it’s possible, and you’ll never know until you talk with him.

Here’s what not to expect. A sales pitch. Think of your conversation as a way to get to know Nick! And vice versa.

At the end of your session, you might want to take the next step. And if Nick thinks he can help you, he will suggest a follow up strategy. But he might not. He doesn’t work with just anyone.

So go ahead, make another smart decision. Book your session now while you’re here.