“If you want a high-energy presenter who is easy to work with, relatable and delivers relevant, immediately actionable content that generates a measurable ROI, you came to the right place!”

It’s all about a return on investment.

Not only a financial investment, but an investment of your attendees’ time. Think back for a moment about the last business meeting, seminar or workshop you planned or attended. Can you honestly say that the speaker “moved the needle” enough to make it memorable for the attendees? Did participants walk away with knowledge, ideas and strategies they could put to work immediately? Were they excited and energized about what they just learned?

After participating in a strategic work session with business strategist Nick Nichols, your group will be empowered to start getting better results the moment they leave. It’s not about what they have learned. It’s about what they will be able to do – stop wasting time, energy and resources on low-return prospects and start attracting and converting more long-term, high-paying clients.

Nothing is assumed. Nothing is left out.

Have you ever been to a live seminar or workshop where the speaker took too long to get to the meat of the material? Or maybe the speaker started in the middle of the subject matter instead of first covering the basics? Or maybe the speaker just covered the tip of the iceberg and left you expecting more.

When you bring in business strategist Nick Nichols, you and your attendees will get no theory, no fluff and no bull. Every second of Nick’s strategic work sessions are based on his 25 years of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience, either in his own business or his clients’ businesses. Nick has made all the mistakes, tried all the gimmicks and knows what works and what doesn’t. After their session with Nick, attendees will be empowered to stop giving away their valuable time and advice as a “sample” and start charging to analyze clients’ problems and propose solutions.

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