The First Step to Getting More Clients

Schedule a Zoom Session with Nick Nichols

  • The first step to attracting, engaging and closing more long-term, high-fee clients is to schedule a one-hour Zoom session with me, Nick Nichols.
  • This is the best way for me to get to know you, your business, and what you want your leadgen campaign to accomplish.
  • Upon your enrollment, you will schedule your Zoom session via my real-time booking portal that requires at least two business days’ lead time.
  • Prior to your session, I will look at your website and LinkedIn profile to assess their strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • During the session, I will ask questions about your business growth goals and give you immediately actionable advice that is guaranteed to generate a minimum of twice your enrollment investment in newfound revenue or cost savings. (Backed by the world’s only “I pay you if you’re not happy” guarantee.)
  • On request, you’ll get access to the recording of your session.

What is VIP Unlimited Coaching?

VIP Unlimited Annual Coaching details:

  • One full year of unlimited 60-minute Zoom coaching sessions with Nick Nichols.
  • Sessions are scheduled by you via my real-time booking portal that requires at least two business days’ lead time.
  • You must complete and return the Pre-Session Worksheet (download link provided immediately after enrollment; return options on Worksheet) at least two business days before your first session.
  • New sessions can be booked upon completion of the mutually agreed-upon task(s) discussed during the previous session.
  • One optional email follow-up question or clarification after each coaching session.
  • Access to recordings of coaching sessions.

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“I pay *you* if you’re not happy” guarantee

How my “I pay you if you’re not happy” guarantee works:

  • Immediately after your order is approved, you will get an email with a link to my real-time calendar where you will book your Zoom session. Simply complete the booking form with the required information and open Zoom at the appointed time using the link provided.
  • If you’ve seen my testimonials (below), you know that other people just like you have received much more than their money’s worth from talking with me. Some got a million-dollar idea. Some got focused – perhaps for the first time. All got advice that, if implemented, will make more money, or save time, effort or expense.
  • If, after Zooming with me for up to an hour, you don’t feel you got at least one low-cost, no-cost, actionable strategy that you can implement immediately to save or make a minimum of twice the cost of talking with me, I will give you a full refund, plus, I will pay you for an hour of your time at your hourly rate, whatever that is.
  • It’s BETTER than risk-free. You can’t lose. You can only win.

LinkedIn Profile Tune-Up

Optional LinkedIn Profile Tune-Up

  • Let me be blunt. Most LinkedIn profiles are lame and lack the key elements needed to engage qualified prospects long enough for them to take positive action.
  • If your profile doesn’t contain the right elements, LinkedIn will penalize you.
  • Therefore, your profile MUST be “built out” before you start a leadgen campaign. Otherwise you will be wasting your time and money.
  • Twice a month I offer a $299 LinkedIn Profile Tune-Up as an optional bonus to the first three people who invest in a LinkedIn LeadGen Zoom Session during the availability period.
  • If you’re seeing this, it means that a complimentary LinkedIn Profile Tune-Up is available. If you invest in an Auto-Pilot LinkedIn Lead Generation Session before December 3, 2023, I can drill-down on your profile after our session and give you specific suggestions to make it better at no extra charge.
  • If you opt for the tune-up, your LeadGen Consulting session purchase will be final and no refund or payment for your time will be available.
  • This is because once I complete your tune-up, we will set up another Zoom session to discuss it. After that session, I will email you a tune-up recap that tells you exactly what to do. Once you know the details, you can’t “unknow” them. So if you want the tune-up, you must agree to waive your right to a refund or time payment on the first Zoom call that will be recorded.

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