Complimentary LeadOMatic 30-Day Trial

This is a minimum $1500 up-front value! But you must act by [wp-dt-custom format=”F j” months=”+0″ days=”+4″], 2023.

The hidden and most valuable part about working with me is that you’ll get much more than leads. You’ll get strategic advice based on my 25+ years of working with hundreds of companies in dozens of industries. And you can use my advice for life, at no extra charge, even if you don’t want to continue after the trial. This is worth thousands of dollars!

Why you?

  • Once a month I offer a complimentary 30-day trial of my LeadOMatic System to one of my 1st-degree LinkedIn connections. You were hand picked because I have studied your profile and I believe you would benefit from The System. Because getting you up and running takes considerable effort on my part, I only offer this to one person at a time with a tight response window. In your case, that’s [wp-dt-custom format=”F j” months=”+0″ days=”+4″], [wpdts-year]. Opportunity knocks but once. If you have to think about it, then this offer is probably not right for you. It will disappear forever on [wp-dt-custom format=”F j” months=”+0″ days=”+4″].
  • My goal is to deliver so much value to you up front at no charge, that not only will you continue past the trial period, you will recommend me to others. As an ongoing incentive to stay with it, you can schedule free 15-minute Zoom calls with me as often as twice a month to discuss any business issue for a long as you are a paying client at no extra charge!

What is the process?

  • The first step is to create your Ultimate Value Premium Offer™ (UVPO) to use as a lead magnet to motivate your ideal target market to engage with you. This is critical, and it’s what will differentiate you from your competitors. Creating a UVPO “that only a foolish or unqualified person would pass up” is the key to generating leads in [wpdts-year].
  • Once created, you can deploy your UVPO in all your marketing initiatives! This is why a great UVPO is so essential – and so valuable. A great UVPO will break down the invisible wall that separates you from prospects’ attention, engagement and interaction. The E.L.I.T.E. Formula Video and PDF explain the UVPO concept.
  • Note that UVPO development is NOT included with the free trial. I can help you with that for a separate fee that is paid up front and is non-refundable. Why non-refundable? Because once you know how to create a great UVPO, you can’t “unknow” that. Once developed, it can’t be “undeveloped.”
  • UVPO development is critical to all your leadgen activities and you will need one to qualify for the complimentary free trial. This is because if you want to succeed in leadgen of any kind, you must give prospects a compelling reason to pay attention, engage and interact. If you have a strong UVPO, great. If not, you will need one, and I can help you for a separate, one-time fee.
  • When your UVPO is ready, you will officially start your trial by setting up your credit card for billing. Your trial will not start until your credit card details have been entered via my secure Stripe payment gateway and your order is approved. You will be charged $300 in 30 days unless you cancel by the 29th day. If you continue, you agree to a three-month minimum commitment, (four months including the trial), month-to-month thereafter until you cancel.
  • Once your billing is set up, you will send me your LinkedIn login credentials and make sure two-factor authentication is disabled so I can access your profile when needed. Speaking of profiles, I invite you to get my free LinkedIn Magnetic Profile Blueprint to make sure your profile is ready for a lead generation campaign. (95% of LI profiles need to be upgraded. I can help you with that for a separate fee.)
  • Based on your completed E.L.I.T.E. Formula PDF, I will generate a list from inside your LinkedIn profile using your Sales Navigator Core account and save it to an Excel spreadsheet that I will email you to sift and sort. Typically, a list of prospects is reduced by 30-60% because Sales Navigator data is only as good as what people put on their profiles. You then select 300-500 for the first month’s campaign. The rest are used for subsequent months. When the initial list has cycled, I load more leads.
  • In conjunction with that, we create a sequence of pre-steps and short messages that will go out automatically at specified intervals. I will create a suggested sequence that you will edit as needed and approve. Unlike other LI leadgen apps, the LeadOMatic System does pre-steps, such as profile viewing, following, and endorsing prior to making a connect request. Pre-steps are important, because they “warm up” prospects with positive actions and set the stage for your connect request. By the way, this is all done automatically by the LeadOMatic software.
  • Personal follow-up is the key. If you do it daily, you will succeed. If you don’t, you won’t. Fortunately, you will get your own LeadOMatic dashboard to monitor the progress of your campaign(s) and respond to replies from your prospects directly from your dashboard. This is huge! No more cumbersome scrolling through your messages in the LinkedIn message window! You can see who has responded and tag them for follow-up right in your dashboard. This will save you time and help keep you organized.
  • As soon as possible after your billing is set up (ideally the same day), you will need to be handy to send me an authorization code from LinkedIn so I can integrate the LeadOMatic System with your LinkedIn account. This usually takes under five minutes but MUST be done to launch your campaign. The best way to do this is via text message. When the time comes I will send you my cell #.

How does the trial work?

To get your complimentary free trial month you MUST:

  • Watch The E.L.I.T.E. Formula video and download the PDF, complete the PDF (it’s fillable and savable), and return the PDF to me no later than [wp-dt-custom format=”F j” months=”+0″ days=”+4″], [wpdts-year]. The Formula will accelerate the results you’ll get from all of your marketing initiatives immediately upon implementation, guaranteed!
  • Be willing to start your free trial of my LeadOMatic System on or before [wp-dt-custom format=”F j” months=”+0″ days=”+10″], [wpdts-year] using a credit card that will be charged $300 in 30 days (unless you cancel by the 29th day) and $300 per month thereafter until you cancel.
  • Schedule a Zoom call with me that takes place on before [wp-dt-custom format=”F j” months=”+0″ days=”+7″], [wpdts-year]. During the call we will discuss your ideal prospect profile, your Ultimate Value Premium Offer™, and your plan to follow up with people who respond.
  • Give me access to your LinkedIn account.
  • Have or be willing to get LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core (NOT Premium) so I can create a master lead list for you. I will send you the master list as an Excel file. You can manually filter the list to remove obvious non-prospects (highly recommended) or you can use the list as-is. Note that if you have never or not recently used Sales Navigator Core, you might be eligible for a free 30-day trial.
  • Send the list back to me no later than [wp-dt-custom format=”F j” months=”+0″ days=”+10″], [wpdts-year].

What kinds of results can I expect?

  • Your results will depend on (1) how well you define your ideal target market; (2) the nature of what you sell and how effective it is at solving an urgent, expensive problem your target market has; and (3) the suitability and appeal of your “Ultimate Value Premium Offer™” (UVPO) to that target market.
  • The better you can define your audience (especially on LinkedIn) and the better what you sell solves that urgent, expensive problem and, the more suitable and appealing your “Ultimate Value Premium Offer” is, the more successful you will be.
  • The LeadOMatic System will start dialogs with people who have raised their hands with a preliminary “Yes!” to what you offer. We have a 10-30% success rate at doing this, meaning, for every 100 people you reach out to, it’s likely that 10-30 will raise their hands. It’s then up to you to move the process forward by responding personally to people who seem like they are serious. You would stop the message sequence for those people in your LeadOMatic dashboard when this is the case.
  • Speaking of results, my “I pay you if you’re not happy” one-hour Zoom consultation guarantee promises a minumim 2:1 ROI or I will refund your money and pay you for an hour of your time at your going rate, whatever that is. No other consultant in the world offers this… they’re afraid to! Click here to learn more.

Is your System safe to use?

  • The LeadOMatic System is an automated tool that contacts new or existing connections via your profile. Although our developers are continuously on top of being compliant with LI’s TOS/EULA, no one can guarantee 100% compliance because LI could change the rules overnight. Rest assured, The LeadOMatic System has built-in checks and balances to keep campaigns in compliance.
  • That said, the success of any kind of prospecting on LI depends in part on how seasoned and built out a profile is. Well-seasoned profiles can be more aggressive than newer profiles.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • If you cancel, your pending connection requests and messages will be deleted when you cancel your trial or as of the last day of your paid-up billing period.
  • You must cancel your trial by the 29th day of your trial period. If not, you will be agreeing to continue for three more months and no refunds or proration will be permitted.
  • You will have to go back to the tedious, hit-and-miss sending of manual connection requests, and manually following up.
  • And perhaps more consequentially, you will lose free Zoom access to me.