Marketing Message Magic™

Nick Nichols' Marketing Message Magic Program

unlimited annual business coaching

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  • Why you must master marketing messaging if you want to sell at premium prices and make premium profits.
  • How to define your ideal audience and what is important to them using sales funnels.
  • Why the “cart-before-the-horse” marketing you are probably using is hurting you, and how to fix that.
  • How to “dimensionalize” the problems your ideal audience has to give them focus and clarity.
  • How to neutralize the “front-burner issues” your ideal audience has that are preventing them from buying.
  • How to deploy “consequence marketing” to immunize your clients and customers from your competition.
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Uncover Your Hidden Profits™

Nick-Nichols' Uncover Your Hidden Profits Program

unlimited annual business coaching

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  • What you must know to build and sustain a long-term profitable business.
  • How switching focus slightly can lead to massive profit increases.
  • The 7 marketing elements you must measure and track to cost-effectively grow your business.
  • The 3 basic strategies for delivering maximum value to your customer/client base to generate the most possible cash in return.
  • THE most important marketing concept that 99% of business owners overlook and how to exploit it ethically for ridiculous profits.
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Maximize Your Margins™

Nick Nichols Maximize Your Margins Program

unlimited annual business coaching

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  • Why margin is the most important component of your business model yet most people ignore it.
  • How tiny changes in your pricing can lead to huge increases in profits.
  • What customers and clients really want and will pay more for.
  • How to create a higher-priced offer from your existing product/service mix.
  • How to communicate and prove value to command higher prices and fees.
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