Unlimited Annual Business Coaching to Energize Your Profits for a Fixed Price

“I pay *you* if you’re not happy” guarantee

How my “I pay you if you’re not happy” guarantee works:

  • Immediately after your order is approved, you will get an email with a link to my real-time calendar where you will book your Zoom session. Simply complete the booking form with the required information and open Zoom at the appointed time using the link provided.
  • If you’ve seen my testimonials, you know that other people just like you have received much more than their money’s worth from talking with me. Some got a million-dollar idea. Some got focused – perhaps for the first time. All got advice that, if implemented, will make more money, or save time, effort or expense.
  • If, after Zooming with me for up to an hour, you don’t feel you got at least one low-cost, no-cost, actionable strategy that you can implement immediately to save or make a minimum of twice the cost of talking with me, I will give you a full refund, plus, I will pay you for an hour of your time at your hourly rate, whatever that is.
  • You can’t lose. You can only win.

Instant Profit Boosting Secrets

Instant Profit Boosting Secrets

Here’s a list of just some of my Instant Profit Boosting Secrets that you can implement immediately to start generating more profits as soon as tomorrow with minimum effort. The more secrets you implement, the more money you will make.

Please don’t say, “These are nothing new.” In my 25+ years of experience, I’ve found that 95% of coaches and consultants are not using these secrets. As a result, their businesses suffer.

You must join my VIP Unlimited Coaching Program for details and implementation help.

• How to identify high-ROI clients who are eager to hire you.

• How to create an irresistible offer that will attract premium clients like a powerful magnet.

• How to (finally) charge (and get) what you’re worth.

There are more secrets below, but if all you do is implement the first three, I guarantee you will increase your profits significantly within 30 days!

• How to mine the gold that lies buried in your business.

• How to make it difficult for clients to stop paying you.

• How to implement “Aerobic Marketing” for recurring monthly income.

• How to use “The Magic Answer” to eliminate the sales-killing mistake you’re probably making.

• How to generate an endless stream of qualified referrals.

• How to use “The Three Magic Questions” to generate five-star testimonials every time.

• How to implement a “Shock and Awe” system that will differentiate you from your competition like never before.

What is VIP Unlimited Coaching?

VIP Unlimited Annual Coaching details:

  • One full year of unlimited 60-minute Zoom coaching sessions with Nick Nichols.
  • Sessions are scheduled by you via my real-time booking portal that requires at least two business days’ lead time.
  • You must complete and return the Pre-Session Worksheet (download link provided immediately after enrollment; return options on Worksheet) at least two business days before your first session.
  • New sessions can be booked upon completion of the mutually agreed-upon task(s) discussed during the previous session.
  • One optional email follow-up question or clarification after each coaching session.
  • Access to recordings of coaching sessions.

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“Unlimited Coaching” – Are you crazy?

No… just innovative

What better way for people to get to know me, and for me to get to know them: fixed-price, nothing held back, nothing left out, unlimited annual coaching!

I’ve discovered that after a few coaching sessions, some people want more in the way of help with:

  • marketing message optimization
  • content editing and formatting
  • landing page optimization
  • membership and directory plugins
  • sales message scripting
  • book development and marketing
  • podcast formatting and marketing
  • video explainers
  • and you name it

These, of course, cost extra. But what better way to explore the possibilities than unlimited coaching?

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I transform your business from bland to grand so decision makers will see you as the obvious choice and hire you now.

Unlike any business adviser you’ve ever worked with!

unlimited annual business coaching

Branding and Positioning Expert Nick Nichols

Nick Nichols, Strategic Marketing Adviser to Premium Coaches and Consultants

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important. – Stephen Covey