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Showcase Your Expertise: Stand out in a crowded market with a magnetic, Dynamic Unique Selling Proposition!

Why are we doing this?

In today’s business landscape, skepticism often shadows the pathway to progress. We understand that our target market – premium B2B professionals – may have reservations about what appears to be too good to be true.

Here’s why we’re offering our proprietary USP Transformation, valued at a minimum of $2500*, at no cost:

To Break the Skepticism Barrier: We know that in a world brimming with “bait and switch” offers, trust is hard-earned. Our intention is to dismantle doubts by delivering undeniable value upfront, showcasing our commitment to authenticity and quality.

To Shed Light on Unknown Needs: Many B2B professionals, despite their expertise, might not realize the potential gaps in their marketing strategies. They might be under the impression that everything is adequately covered, missing out on innovative approaches to enhance their messaging and reach. We aim to illuminate these blind spots, helping them see the transformative power of a well-crafted Unique Selling Proposition.

To Facilitate Meaningful Engagement: Our experience has shown that traditional methods of engagement, like LinkedIn conversations or Zoom “discovery” sessions, often fall short in establishing a meaningful dialogue. By offering a hands-on, value-driven experience through our USP Transformation, we seek to open doors to deeper, more productive engagement.

To Show the Power of Demonstrated Value: Our USP Transformation offer isn’t just a teaser; it’s a full-fledged test drive of our expertise. By experiencing the transformative power of our abilities firsthand, serious people will truly understand the depth and effectiveness of our approach.

To Build Trust Before Transaction: This initiative is our way of putting our expertise and dedication on display. We want you to witness firsthand how we prioritize your needs and objectives, building a foundation of trust before any financial commitment is discussed or made.

To Show Proven Impact and Client Satisfaction: Those who have engaged with us have often found themselves pleasantly surprised and thoroughly impressed. They not only gain a reinvigorated Unique Selling Proposition but also become advocates for our methodology, often leading to fruitful, long-term collaborations.

In essence, our free USP Transformation is more than an offer; it’s a testament to our confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional value and a gateway to a mutually rewarding relationship.

*$2500 is the minimum value that a viable business should get as a result of deploying a Dynamic Unique Selling Proposition across all marketing channels. Depending on the nature of your business, you might see many times that amount in increased sales.

Who is this for?

B2B consultants and coaches; AI developers and consultants; business advisers; B2B sales professionals; SaaS technology companies; marketing agencies; business funding advisers; business investors; executive personal growth and development coaches; B2B communication and presentation skills coaches; business process improvement and supply chain consultants; computer and internet security consultants; IT professionals; public relations experts, business forensic analysts; CPAs; B2B event/meeting planning consultants; B2B speakers; audio and video producers who want to attract more long-term, high-fee clients.

How will I benefit?

All participants get:

Free access to the Kindle version of Nick’s book, “Attract More High-Fee Clients with USPology®: Easy, 7-Step Formula Shows B2B Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, Speakers, & Service Providers How To Attract More High-Fee Clients.”

Nick’s “Magnetic Profile Blueprint” that shows you what you must do to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and support your brand so that visitors will see you as the best and obvious choice in your field.

Nick’s “E.L.I.T.E. Formula” – a comprehensive roadmap for LinkedIn engagement, taking you from understanding your target market to offering them unparalleled value, ensuring not just their interest but also their delight and long-term loyalty.

Qualified participants* get:

USP Transformation ($2,500 Minimum Value): As the world’s only USPologist™, Nick will give qualified participants unparalleled insights into crafting a “Dynamic USP” (DUSP) that doesn’t just stand out, but establishes you as the dominant force in your market.

A DUSP crafted by Nick will not only catapult your business above competitors but will also transform your brand into the clear, unmatched choice in your industry.

*To become a qualified participant, you must complete and return a one-page PDF entry form and a fill-in-the-blanks, check-the-boxes marketing profile PDF so Nick can understand your business to create and deliver the best newly-minted DUSP possible. To clarify and expand on your marketing profile responses, it might also be necessary to schedule a Zoom session with Nick.

Note that due to a high response, this offer may be temporarily suspended or withdrawn without notice.

What others say

What others say about Nick’s USP Transformations:

We got our first order in 48 hours! Nick helped us brand and position our specialty medical training product on Amazon and we got our first order within 48 hours of going live! Then, 20 more orders in the next two weeks. Nick helped us set up our Seller Central account and wrote all the sales copy for our product. Nick is amazing! Use him! – Kelly StClair, KSTC Ventures, LLC

800+ new connections in less than 3 months! A few months ago I decided to pivot my business and start using LinkedIn. But I had fewer than 50 (mostly untargeted) 1st-degree connections and my profile needed immediate attention. Nick helped me rebrand and reposition my profile, then created and deployed a connection building campaign that took me from essentially zero connections to over 800 targeted connections in less than three months. Now, I’m seen as a serious player and have been able to continue building my network with Nick’s guidance. If you want to get positioned as “the one to call” in your field, you need to work with Nick. I guarantee you will get usable, actionable advice and guidance. – John Cook, America Forward, LLC

Helped me write a business plan to raise money. I’m developing an AI-based early child development app and I needed to create a business plan that would get attention and attract dollars. I was foundering and needed direction and guidance. Nick helped me identify a target audience, formulate my positioning statement and refine my brand so that I’ll have the best chance of raising money for my project. No matter what business you’re in, you need to work with Nick. – Steve Feuerbacher, Intelemax, LLC

Instantly Transform Your Business: Imagine the boost in business you’ll get after you deploy your newly-minted Dynamic Unique Selling Proposition.

Exclusive Resources Just for Participants: Get complimentary access to invaluable tools like “The E.L.I.T.E. Formula” and “The LinkedIn Magnetic Profile Blueprint.” Learn from the best, and optimize your LinkedIn presence.

At least $25,000 in Prizes! USP Transformations valued at a upwards of $2500 each are up for grabs to a minimum of ten qualified participants! Note that due to a high response, this offer may be temporarily suspended or withdrawn without notice.

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